Why I Started Jiu Jitsu…And So Should You

It was March of 2017 when I discovered Jiu Jitsu. I did not know there was a

solid gym in my area or I would have paid a trip much sooner. I was

so excited, I showed up 30 minutes early. The instructor showed me what

an arm drag was before the class started to kill time. Looking back, I barely

listened. The class started and I remember enjoying it.

But after class is when the fun began and it was time for “free rolling”.

They set a timer for six minutes and people started pairing up. The

instructor grabbed me and we started to do a live round of grappling.

I know he tapped me at least four times, but it could’ve been forty. While I

heard about how crazy Jiu Jitsu is, I did not expect the whooping I took. I

considered myself to be an athletic guy. How is it this bad?

After the round, the instructor began looking around the room for

someone else I should roll and so did I. I saw a guy in the corner and

thought, “Bet I can give this guy a run. He’s closer to my size. Shoot, I might

tap HIM.” Why I thought that, I still don’t know. What I do know, is that I

still haven’t tapped that guy. This guy beat up on me worse than the

instructor did. When I left that night, I thought, “Now, I have to go back.

That can’t be the last time those people see me. Getting killed.”

This is why you should train Jiu Jitsu. People that do are good at choking

you and breaking bones. Really good. Tap you five times in 6 minutes good,

then say, “nice job”. If you do train, and you’re getting killed I hope

ya stick with it. If ya don’t train, maybe you should look into it.