Don’t Focus on Belts

Enjoy Time at White Belt

This blog is a little hypocritical coming from a guy who couldn’t wait to receive his blue belt. Myself and a host of other guys from my gym all got promoted to blue belt at the same time. Some people had been training jiu jitsu longer than me, some had been training less. Everyone takes a different path. So, don’t focus on why or how long it takes for someone else got promoted. Instead, focus on your own jiu jitsu and your own problems. Just enjoy time where you’re at.


Some coaches like to see you win tournaments at your belt level before they will give you a promotion. These competitions are a great way to gauge how good you are at jiu jitsu. Even better, if you compete in a division higher than your current rank and win or give a good showing, it can impress your coach while you gain quality experience. Before you jump into that, make sure your coach is cool with it.

Don’t Ask

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Don’t ask. Just work. Sometimes, people will ask their coach when they are going to be promoted or even think they should be promoted. The coach will let you know. You don’t have to ask. Put in the work needed, and eventually the promotion will come. Just don’t ask for it.

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